Russell Brand is accused of sexual assault while filming a movie


Russell Brand He allegedly sexually assaulted an extra on the set of the film in 2010 Arthur, According to a new lawsuit filed against British star V New York.

suit, Filed in the New York Supreme Court By a woman referred to only as “Jane Doe”, and comes six weeks after Brand was accused by four women of sexual assault in a Channel 4 documentary and times And The Sunday Times Newspapers.

Among the accused is a woman who alleged that she was sexually assaulted during her relationship with Brand when she was 16 years old. Another woman claimed that Brand raped her in Los Angeles in 2012. He has vehemently denied all of the allegations.

British police said they were investigating The allegations against Brand, but this is the first lawsuit filed against him, Reuters reported.

The latest woman to file an accusation against Brand wants the court to allow her to file an anonymous lawsuit because she still works in the entertainment industry and says she fears retaliation.

An affidavit filed by Doe in the case alleges that Brand “appeared intoxicated, smelled of alcohol, and was carrying a bottle of vodka on set” before the assault.

Court papers also allege that Brand exposed his penis to the victim “in full view of the cast and crew.”

“The sexual assault occurred later that same day while I was in the bathroom,” the affidavit alleges. “Mr. Brand entered behind me and assaulted me, while a member of the production crew was guarding the door from the outside.”

She continues: “As a result of the sexual assault, I suffered and continue to suffer from extreme embarrassment, shame and fear. I am concerned that if my identity becomes publicly known in connection with this sexual assault allegation, this embarrassment, shame and fear will be greatly exacerbated.

Russell Brand denied any wrongdoing when allegations surfaced against him earlier this year (Getty)

Russell Brand denied any wrongdoing when allegations surfaced against him earlier this year (Getty)

“Since this case involves a celebrity, I am also concerned that it will be of interest to too many people, which will only exacerbate my feelings of embarrassment, shame and fear, resulting in irreparable damage to my mental health.”

Distributor Warner Bros Pictures was also named as a defendant in the case, along with other companies involved in the film’s production. They are accused of negligence and aiding and abetting Brand by tolerating his behavior on set.

The lawsuit was reportedly filed under the state’s adult survivors law, which gives alleged victims one year to sue for historical sexual assault even if statutes of limitations have already passed.

The brand has largely ceased to be visible in mainstream media, but has gained a large following online through its conspiracy theory videos and anti-establishment snapshots.

Following the initial allegations against Brand, YouTube announced it was banning him from monetizing its 6.6 million subscribers and moved his live videos to the Rumble platform.

The Independent I have reached out to Mr. Brand’s representatives for comment.

If you have information relating to the allegations against Russell Brand and would like to share it with The Independent’s reporting team, please email

Rape Crisis provides support to those affected by rape and sexual assault. You can contact them 0808 802 9999 In England and Wales, 0808 801 0302 in Scotland, and 0800 0246 991 in Northern Ireland, or visit their website at you are in the United States, you can call Rainn at 800-656-HOPE (4673)

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