Wisconsin cops say brother found decomposing body of 12-year-old under blanket, then father ran away


Police are searching for a man after his 12-year-old son was found dead in their home.

Romwan Moy, 45, is wanted on charges of chronic neglect and failure to report the death of a child, according to a criminal complaint obtained by McClatchy News.

family members Identify the victim Like 12-year-old Jacare Robinson, according to WITI.

“He was my everything. My everything. Jacare was Jacare. No matter what,” Jacare’s brother, Jay Moy, told the outlet.

It was Robinson’s death She was sentenced to deathaccording to WDJT.

According to a criminal complaint, three of Romwan Moy’s children live with him, but two of them were with their mothers for the two weeks before Jacarey’s body was found. Family members said they were trying to talk to Moye during that time, but he “seemed agitated and nervous” and prevented them from seeing Robinson, WDJT reported.

One witness told investigators: “The defendant kept it [Jacarie Robinson] Away from family for the past few months. During that period, the defendant was informed of this [Jacarie Robinson] “He was behaving very badly,” the criminal complaint said.

He also said Romwan Moy would allow the other children to leave the house with him, but not Jacare, the complaint says.

Witnesses told WDJT they were concerned about Jacarey’s appearance.

“It’s like he was wearing jogging pants, A.” [hoodie] On, but like his jogging pants were kind of like swinging at his ankles, and you could tell he was very skinny.

On Oct. 10, Jay Moy went to Romwan Moy’s home and when no one opened the door, he went inside, the criminal complaint says.

He was “immediately struck by the strong odor coming from inside” and “observed a human foot protruding from the covers on the living room floor,” the criminal complaint says.

Jacarey’s body was severely malnourished and emaciated, and he had several fractures in the boy’s arm and ribs, according to the coroner’s report, the criminal complaint states.

One witness said Romoan Moi was a “harsh” punisher, and that his punishment could last for weeks, but was not often physical, according to the complaint.

“Right now, I think as a family we just want to figure it all out ourselves,” Jay Moy told WITI.

Police say more charges may be coming. If convicted, Romwan Moi could face up to 82 years in prison, WDJT reported.

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