A recording of a 2018 interrogation has become the main focus of the Delaney Park man’s murder trial


The trial of an Orlando man accused of killing his wife in their Delaney Park home in 2018 continued Tuesday.

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The case centers on David Tronis, who is accused of strangling his wife, Shanti Cooper.

On Tuesday, jurors heard an hours-long interview between David Trone and investigators.

In it you can hear the investigators’ series of interrogations and how they point out the inconsistencies in Tron’s story.

“The evidence doesn’t match what you’re saying here,” one investigator said in an interview.

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Tron listened stoically as investigators unpacked what he told them in the recording made five years ago.

“She either slipped, fell or passed out,” Trone said.

The interview shows Tron going back and forth between showing extreme emotions and maintaining his composure on the day of his wife’s death.

He detailed what he did that day, claiming he left the house to walk his dogs before returning home to do yard work for about an hour.

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Trone said he then went upstairs to find his wife’s body in the bathtub.

“The problem I have is I think she was dead right before she went to the park,” one investigator said in the recording.

Investigators were heard challenging Tronnes’ timeline of events, repeatedly asking him to share any information he may have withheld.

“I told you everything,” he said.

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“But you’re forgetting something,” one of the investigators said, “because this woman has serious injuries.”

Investigators believe Trone strangled and beat his wife, saying the swelling around her face and bruising to both eyes meant Cooper could not have fallen as Trone claimed.

Prosecutors conducted the interview before bringing investigators back to the stand for the day.

They asked several questions before concluding.

But the defense attorneys spent a lot of time questioning the investigator who led the interview.

Trone’s lawyers tried to poke holes in the investigation, suggesting that Trone was physically and mentally exhausted from being interrogated for 14 hours.

The defense has not yet presented any of its witnesses, but is expected to do so later in the week.

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