“48 Hours” Podcast: “My Life With Crime” with Erin Moriarty


48 Hours correspondent. Erin MoriartyThe award-winning original true crime podcast My Life of Crime returns for season four. The captivating and exciting podcast from CBS News Audio and “48 Hours,” America’s #1 true crime Saturday night destination, is available on all podcast platforms with new episodes released every Wednesday.

Moriarty takes you inside true crime investigations like no other, dealing with killers and those accused of committing crimes. This season delves into the maze of crime within families and the secrets that have kept them together or torn them apart.

Moriarty has nearly three decades of experience as a lawyer and reporter involved in murder cases—she goes beyond speculation to evidence and speaks to the people directly involved, including investigators and victims’ families.



Follow Moriarty’s journey as she goes beyond each crime scene, behind prison walls, and into the killers’ inner thoughts. All this in this season of “My Life of Crime.”

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