The search continues for a San Diego woman who went missing in northern Arizona


The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office said the search for a San Diego woman continues after she disappeared two weeks ago in northern Arizona.

Chelsea Grimm, 32, was reported missing by her family to the Phoenix Police Department on October 4.

Northeast Ashfork hunters reported to the Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 5 of a suspicious white Ford Escape parked on a Forest Service road.

Sheriff’s deputies found the car and confirmed it belonged to Grimm, the sheriff’s office said. There was no sign of Grimm or her pet bearded dragon, named Rose or Roxy.

Missing San Diego woman Chelsea Grimm's bearded dragon, named Roz or Roxy, has also been missing for some time before or after October 4 after Grimm's vehicle was found in northern Arizona.

Police found a camera in the car that contained personal photos of Grimm that showed the shirt she was last wearing, her car and the face mask she was wearing, the sheriff’s office said.

Police believe Grimm was originally traveling from San Diego to Connecticut when she stopped in Arizona.

Grimm was last seen on Sept. 28 in Williams, Arizona, according to a news release.

Anyone with information on Grimm’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office at 928-774-4523.

This article originally appeared on the Arizona Republic website: The search continues for a woman last seen in Williams, Arizona

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