New video shows Thurston County deputies chasing woman charged with DUI, pin truck, and arrest


New video From the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, it shows deputies chasing a woman charged with DUI, pinning her into the truck she was driving, and arresting her.

TCSO said Chehalis Tribal Police attempted to stop the truck in the Rochester area but it would not stop, so TSCSO deputies responded to assist.

When deputies arrived, the woman allegedly swerved into the oncoming lane and into one of the deputies intentionally. This forced the deputy to swerve into the opposite lane to avoid a head-on collision. Deputies pursued the woman at that point on charges of assault.

A deputy performed a PIT maneuver on the Exit 88 bridge to prevent the woman from getting onto I-5. The woman then struck another patrol car, reversed her car, and struck the passenger door of another patrol car.

The woman was pinned down and taken into custody with the assistance of K-9 Igo. It later turned out that the truck was stolen.

The woman was booked on three counts of assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, attempted eluding and driving under the influence.

The woman has failed to appear in court five times already and has 17 felony convictions, including making false statements, theft, burglary, assault, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, drug possession and felony retail theft, TSCO said.

Thurston County Superior Court released the woman after promising to return to court without setting bail, TSCO said.

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