Fresno DA files charges against alleged kidnapper who demanded ransom for man’s family


The Fresno County District Attorney’s office on Tuesday filed multiple charges against a New Mexico man Accused of kidnapping a family Until a man in Fresno paid a ransom for their release.

Cristian Guadalupe Ortiz Coronado, 31, faces four counts of kidnapping for ransom, one count of attempted kidnapping for ransom, one count of attempted kidnapping and two counts of child abuse.

Ortiz Coronado was arrested on Friday after he kidnapped a mother and her two children, as well as two men.

The Fresno County District Attorney’s office said the families hired Ortiz Coronado to transport the victims from Mexico to Fresno.

But when family members could not pay additional money to transport the three adults and two children, Ortiz left Coronado with the victims, including a 9-year-old child, and did not return the victims until they were promised the additional payment.

Ortiz Coronado was arrested after a man waved to an officer near Maple and Central Streets about a kidnapping involving his family, according to Fresno police. He said his wife and son were being held hostage.

If convicted, Ortiz Coronado could face life in prison with the possibility of parole.

agreed to pay

The father told officers he had agreed to pay the man to transport his wife and two young children from the Mexican border to Fresno. The suspect arrived in Fresno with family members and met the father at the agreed upon location. Police said the suspect demanded more money for the trip.

Police said the wife and son stayed in the suspect’s car, and the man asked the father to call him when he had more money and then drove away.

Officers investigated and, in cooperation with the FBI, were able to trace the suspect’s phone to a Madeira address.

Police said the family members were unharmed.

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