A woman shoots and kills a four-year-old girl in a “firearm safety” lesson.


a Tennessee A woman told investigators she was giving a four-year-old a “firearm safety” lesson when she shot the little boy last Sunday.

The suspect, identified as Breanna Gayle Runions, has been charged with first degree murder and aggravated murder. Child abuse Charged with pushing a loaded gun into four-year-old Evangeline Gunther’s chest and pulling the trigger at Rookwood. The sources reported that the shooting killed the girl The Charlotte Observer.

Ms. Runyons initially claimed to have removed the magazine from her Taurum Millennium 9mm handgun, according to an arrest affidavit cited by ABC affiliate Wate.com.

After that, she pressed “the barrel of the gun on the front of (the child’s) torso and pulled the trigger, firing a bullet into her.” The incident was witnessed by another woman and child unrelated to the Runions.

Authorities said the accuser “may have initially led investigators to believe she was posing in front of the frightened four-year-old about firearm safety.” New York Post.

But Mrs. Runyons was allegedly punishing the victim, along with the other child, for not following the rules, the note notes, adding that earlier in the day she had hit them with a sandal for not waking her up and for eating without permission.

The 9th District Attorney, Russell Johnson, said the accuser and the other adult in the room were not the girl’s parents.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services is now investigating why minors live with them.

A woman who identified herself as the victim’s biological mother told NBC affiliate WBIR that her daughter was living with Runyons after a court order, and was supposed to stay there for another two months.

“I feel like it was my fault that I allowed her to be there. I should have been more attentive,” Josie Gunter told the outlet.

“I wish I could be a better mother to her, to take care of her.

“But it was a court decision in everything we did this for, and that’s what happens.”

Her father, Adam Gunther, said the children should be kept away from guns.

He said, “Don’t bring out your weapons.” “You’re supposed to be gun-savvy. Don’t get the gun out.”

Meanwhile, bail for Ms. Runyons has been set at $1.5 million, and a hearing on the situation is scheduled for September 19 in Plenary Court.

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