A 16-year-old teenage girl was stabbed to death during an altercation over sweet and sour sauce at a McDonald’s restaurant in Washington, D.C.


A 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death outside A Washington, DC McDonald’s in a fight over sweet and sour sauce, prosecutors say.

Naima Ligon, from the Waldorf, Marylandwas attacked in a car outside a fast food restaurant on Northwest 14th Street in the early hours of Sunday.

Investigators say she was with four people who visited an entertainment center before going to a house party and then to McDonald’s.

Police say Lejeune was stabbed twice around 2am. She was then taken to Howard University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

NBC Washington reported that the suspect, also a 16-year-old from Waldorf, Maryland, was found a block away from the incident. Police say she was carrying a knife when she was arrested.

A detective testified in court that the girls went to a McDonald’s restaurant together, ordered food, and then got into the car. The investigator said that after that they got into an argument about the sauces they requested, and the stabbing took place. reported television station WUSA.

During her court appearance, the teenager claimed she acted in self-defence, alleging that the victim and another person assaulted her. The judge ordered that she be held in a juvenile prison pending trial.

Naima Lejeune (WUSA)

Naima Lejeune (WUSA)

The suspect was charged with second-degree murder while armed, assault with intent to kill, aggravated assault, felonious assault and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Ligon was a student at Thomas Stone High School in Waldorf.

“This is a heartbreaking and tragic time for our school community. This is not news a principal wants to share, let alone the day before the new school year begins,” Principal Shanev Pearl said in a message to parents, staff and students Sunday.

The Legion family mourned her loss in A.J Statement issued to WUSA.

“The impact of this senseless loss has affected our family, friends and community,” the letter read.

“Naima will never see her graduation party or her party. We will not be able to see her graduate from college, marry or have children.”

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