Three things to know about the charity event that turns cops and lawyers into servers


Police officers and lawyers will spend an evening waiting at tables to raise money for a non-profit organization that helps vulnerable children.

As it is

The “Tip Off” charity event will be held on Wednesday, September 6, at Logan’s Roadhouse, located at 2840 E. Franklin Blvd.

The fundraiser will benefit communities at Gaston County Schools, said organizer Chip Harrison, a nonprofit founded in 1992 that focuses on keeping kids in school so they can achieve good results in life.

“They provide services in the community that will help children at risk. They’re associated with preventing child abuse. They’re associated with teen court and a couple of other programs here in the county that allow kids to have opportunities they don’t necessarily need naturally,” Harrison said. We’ve seen their benefits firsthand, and so have police officers. For our part, it is also good for the community to know that as police officers and lawyers, our commitment to the community does not begin in the courtroom.”

the case

Harrison said the primary focus of the community in the schools is identifying children in need of help. They are associated with a variety of community programs to achieve this mission.

“If they think child abuse is a problem in the home, they can connect them with child abuse services. They also work with agencies like Teen Corp, juvenile redress programs, community service programs, and community outreach programs, which give children an opportunity … a kind of opportunity,” Harrison said. Giving back to the community in a positive way.” “It also gives them the opportunity to get advice if they are going through some things, and it basically provides basic needs, like clothes or book bags or things like that.”

The idea

On September 6, police officers and lawyers will help the waiters and waitresses at Logan’s Roadhouse, and tips and donations from the event will go to communities in the schools.

“Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to spread the word about the program and raise some money in the meantime,” Harrison said.

The idea for the fundraiser came from Gastonia Police Department officer CJ Jones. Last year, lawyers and police held a charity basketball match for the Boys and Girls Club of Gaston. And this year, they’re making a similar cause.

“We just want to encourage everyone to get out and have a fun night, learn more about the charity and hopefully guide us so they can provide more services to more young people across the county,” Harrison said. “Because I believe that if we can continue to encourage children and get them into school… it will make our future a better place.”

This article originally appeared in Gaston’s Journal: Cops and lawyers waiting tables for a case

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