The taxi driver remembers how Stephen Foley talked and smelled him on the day the woman was killed


WORCECETER — At about 3 a.m. on December 12, 2017 — the day authorities alleged he killed an exotic dancer at his fiancée’s Northborough home — Stephen M Foley got into a taxi and made an insulting remark about women, a taxi driver testified Monday in Worcester Superior Court .

Richard Breault, who was driving a Yellow Cab in Worcester at the time, recalled Foley saying: “Women are no good – all they want is your money.”

Breault was among several witnesses who testified on Monday, the first day of the Foley murder trial, regarding interactions that authorities say he had with others in the hours surrounding Cynthia Webb’s death.

Webb, an exotic dancer at Mario’s Showplace in Webster, was found badly burned inside the trunk of her car at Hope Cemetery in Worcester on December 12, 2017.

in Opening statements earlier on MondayProsecutors alleged that Foley violently killed Webb after he invited her into his home, saying her blood was found under the floorboards.

Cynthia L Webb

Cynthia L Webb

They said Foley told several people, including his fiancée, that he put Webb in her car and set it on fire in the cemetery after two other men killed her without his knowledge on the second floor of his home.

Prosecutors said evidence showed Foley met Webb at the Lamplighter 2 strip club in Worcester after he spoke to her at Mario’s on December 11. He then left his SUV in Lamplighter and rode home with her, they said. before calling a taxi in the middle of the night to get back into his four-wheel drive in Lamplighter II.

The cab driver, Breault, confirmed that a man named Steve requested a ride from Foley’s address in Northborough, 76 Shady Lane, at approximately 3am on December 12th.

Breault remembers the man coming out of the house smelling so clean, as if he had just taken a shower, saying he joked about it.

Breault said that while the man asked to be taken to another bar when he first called, he redirected him to Lampliter, which is nearby, when they approached.

Breault recalls the man who got into his Honda CRV, noting that he started to engage him in small talk about the type of car, but he seemed to want to be in his way.

The taxi driver said the man got out of the car and headed back towards Northborough. When he picked up the man, he said, he noticed a maroon car in the driveway of the house.

Authorities allege that hours later, Foley drove a maroon 2004 Webb Buick to Hope Cemetery, and set it on fire with her naked body in the trunk.

Also testifying Monday was Marilyn Nettleich, a former co-worker of Webb’s at Mario’s.

Nettlec said she danced with Foley on the night of December 11, and found him “aggressive” with her, attempting to kiss her neck and face.

He said, “I am trying to keep calm; “I try to stay relaxed,” Netlich recalls of Foley. “I just wanted (to get) my money and leave him.”

Prosecutors alleged in their opening statements on Monday that Foley had an argument with his fiancee before she left on a business trip to Canada that week.

Nettlec testified that she met Foley at the club about two to four weeks before December 11, at which time he offered her cocaine and told her to meet him outside the club.

Nettlesh said she turned down cocaine and had never met Foley. She recalled seeing him and Webb together at the club on the night of December 11th before she left.

Foley’s trial is scheduled to resume on Tuesday.

This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: The Trial of Stephen Foley: Cab Driver Describes Picking Up Accused Killer

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