‘If You Could Get One Nowadays’: Rudy Giuliani Laments Challenges in Securing Lawyers as Debt Runs Up for Defense in Georgia RICO Case, Other Civil Cases


rudy Giuliani, The former New York mayor and now radio talk show host became one of Trump’s personal attorneys in 2018. Recently, the political mastermind needed to be represented by himself, but he implied that it would be difficult to find someone to represent him.

Giuliani once used RICO laws to imprison dozens of organized crime figures in New York. Now, the same laws are being used in the indictment against him, former President Donald Trump, and 17 others. Many have been charged with conspiring to overturn election results in the state of Georgia in furtherance of an illegal bid for re-election for the 45th President.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Getty Images)

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Getty Images)

The former federal prosecutor revealed that despite his credentials as a lawyer, he needed representation himself and was having problems getting it.

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He made a reference to it on his WABC radio show on Sunday, August 27th with co-host Mariah Ryan.

On this week’s episode, Ryan asked Republican Representative Mike Collins of Georgia if it was legal for the Fulton County sheriff’s office to release him and the 17 other defendants.

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No one on the air seemed clear about the headshots being released publicly, but Collins acknowledged, “I’m by no means a lawyer. I’m in the trucking business, and I need lawyers.”

“If you can get one nowadays,” Giuliani quipped.

Many on social media thought it was funny that the New York politician was having trouble finding a lawyer to take on his case.

Funny how that works. No lawyer wants to be associated with his a** regrets,” one person tweeted.

“While we’re killing time until EOD. Rudy can’t find a Georgia attorney. He wanted ‘Harvey Spector’ from ‘SUITS,'” one X user (ex-Twitter) joked.

“It is strange that it is so difficult to find a lawyer to work for any of them?” wrote another. “Could they have some morals or integrity?”

Giuliani has previously expressed how difficult it is to pay someone to represent him.

His legal troubles have become more acute, The New Yorker said, and he has been left overwhelmed by legal bills from various defamation lawsuits against him in addition to the current charges in Georgia.

Smartmatic’s libel case has been a costly battle. The voting technology company is suing Giuliani and others, accusing them of making various defamatory claims in the aftermath of the 2020 general election.

CNN reported that Giuliani and one of his attorneys working on the case met with Trump this month at Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, to plead for the former president to help pay the legal bills. CNN sources claimed Giuliani didn’t get much from the hard-line Trump.

In the Georgia case, Giuliani was able to get attorney Brian Teves to represent him and help facilitate his bail being set at $150,000 on August 23, the day he was booked into the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

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