“This is crazy!”: AMC South Bay has been evacuated after major disruptions involving juveniles


Several juveniles were arrested at the South Bay Shopping Center on Sunday night after another night of mayhem involving two unruly teens.

Police were called to the scene shortly before 5pm after witnesses described a scuffle involving dozens of children.

Initial law enforcement reports indicated that there were as many as 200 juveniles among the crowd.

Chaos broke out near an AMC movie theater, which was especially crowded with $4 tickets in celebration of National Film Day.

Moviegoers told Boston 25 News that theater staff told them to evacuate from the theater while police tried to disperse the crowd.

“They told us we needed to get out of the building,” said Kyla Vargas. “This is madness!”

Boston police officers were seen blocking District Avenue as many businesses closed their doors early in the night.

“Everyone was screaming. Everyone was going this way, that way,” said Robert Ambroise. “They said the teenagers were first pointing knives at people in the theater and then taking them into the parking lot.”

Boston police worked to control the chaos outside throughout the night.

Boston 25 News saw dozens of teens stay put for hours despite the presence of law enforcement.

Boston police did not release the exact number of juveniles arrested Sunday night.

A BPD spokesperson said the number “continued to rise” and suspects were still being processed.

It is unclear if anyone has been affected by the disorder.

Boston 25 News follows the ongoing incidents involving unruly goings-on at the South Bay Mall this summer.

According to the BPD, there have been more than 40 juvenile-related incidents in the South Bay since July.

This includes an attack on police officers earlier this month and multiple random attacks on unsuspecting shoppers.

Additional Boston Police resources have been deployed to the South Bay over the past month.

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