The Yolo County Sheriff offers to buy back the guns for the first time. Here is the number of weapons delivered


Yolo County Sheriff’s Office The first anonymous Buy Back Guns event was held on Saturday in DavisThe authorities said.

event in Health and Human Services of Yolo County The building, located on A Street, from 10 am to 3 pm witnessed the collection of 150 firearms, including long rifles and pistols, according to the British Daily Mail. Sheriff’s office Spokesperson for Lieutenant Juan Cega.

Sheriff’s office Davis Police DepartmentSega, which was involved in organizing the event, said each gave $5,000 so that buyback officials could hand out $10,000 in Visa gift cards.

“We already had $10,000 worth of Visa gift cards and we ran out around 1pm,” said Sega. “Many chose to continue to hand over firearms after they ran out.”

The last gun buyback event held by the Sacramento Police Department was in May 128 firearms were seized, and the department similarly distributed nearly $10,000 in rewards at the time.

Yolo County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday $50 bonus for each handgun and $100 for each custom-made long gun or firearmmore commonly known as the stealth gun.

Officials said participants could only drive with empty firearms in the trunk of their car. Walking is prohibited for safety purposes.

Ciga said Yolo County Sheriff Tom Lopez wanted to host the event “to provide a safe and anonymous option for anyone to turn in unwanted firearms to help prevent violent or accidental incidents involving firearms.”

He said the sheriff’s office hopes to hold events in the near future in West Sacramento and Woodland, but no dates have been set yet.

Any firearms that are turned in that are determined to be stolen will be returned to their owners, in accordance with law enforcement authorities. The deputies said the rest would be destroyed later.

This event was hosted in partnership with Davis Police and supported by the Yolo County District Attorney’s Officethe Yolo County Surveillance Department, California Highway Patrolthe University of California, Davis Police Departmentthe Woodland Police Departmentthe West Sacramento Police Department and the Winter Police Department.

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