Florida police say a mother’s custody dispute is killing her young son, teenage daughter and herself


Florida mother by court order Hand over her 10-year-old son She shot the boy instead, along with her teenage daughter, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Then Brandi Hutchins pointed the gun at herself, Sheriff Grady Judd He said during a press conference.

Good said the three were found dead around 12:30pm on Sunday 27 August at a home in Lake Wales. Lake Wells is located about 60 miles east of Tampa.

“We got a call today,” Judd said. “The information we have is that she was inside this mobile home with her 19-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son.”

“This is what we know: Brandi Hutchins…from all indications in our investigation now, she murdered her 10-year-old and her 19-year-old…and then shot herself. I cannot imagine a more egregious set of circumstances .

Judd said investigators believe the shootings were the result of a custody order issued Aug. 24 calling for Hutchins to turn over her 10-year-old son to his father (her ex-husband) who lives in Maine.

However, Hutchins never showed up at the prearranged time and place to hand over the boy, and he was never heard from again, he said.

“There was absolutely no evidence in the court order or testimony that he was in any danger,” Judd said.

“She has no criminal history. She has no history (mental illness). There was no indication that there should be any violence, but it was violent.”

Homicide and suicide

up to 600 Murder and suicide occur every year, according to the FBI. They cause about 1,000 deaths annually.

“Although uncommon, such incidents vary widely in terms of who is involved, how they are connected, and where the crimes occur,” the FBI stated. “Typically, law enforcement officials deal with homicide-suicide cases involving two people in domestic settings or relationships.”

About 65 percent of murder-suicide cases involve intimate partners, officials said, and 81 percent occur in the home.

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