Florida cops say a shooting at a quinceanera party has killed a teen and injured three others


A young man was killed and three others were injured when it was shot At a Quinceanera party in a state park in Florida, according to the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office.

It happened on Sunday, August 27, at the Sea Scott Driver Recreation Area in Okeechobee, the sheriff’s office said in a news release. All four teens were guests at the family event.

Officials said the suspect in the shooting was among the four wounded.

“Through our investigations and interviews, we learned that at some point during the party, the fighting turned deadly,” the sheriff’s office says. “The suspect, Sebastian Urbana, was seen shooting the victim multiple times.”

Officials said Urbana, 17, was shot in the leg and “confessed to firing the fatal shot” while being treated in hospital. Investigators did not say how he was shot.

The other two injured teens had non-life-threatening injuries, officials said, and were treated and released from the hospital “to the custody of their parents.”

Officials said Urbana was charged with first-degree murder.

Officials said the identity of the teen who was killed has not been released.

Quinceanera party sign Girl reaching puberty Experts say the age of fifteen is a tradition among societies with ties to Central and South America.

Okeechobee County is located about 130 miles northwest of Miami.

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