Blendon Twipp. Body camera footage from Ta’Kiya Young’s shooting on Monday is unlikely to be released


Body camera footage from a shooting involving the Blandon Township Police that was left The death of a 21-year-old pregnant mother It is unlikely to be released on Monday.

Blendon Township officials are working to process body camera footage from two officers involved in an incident Thursday night in the Kroger parking lot at 5991 S. Sunbury Road.

The shooting killed 21-year-old Takea Young.

Billedon Township Mayor John Belford said in a Friday video release It is alleged that Young and several others He stole things from the Kroger store. An employee reported two officers who were in the parking lot on an unrelated call, approached Young’s car.

Belford said that by the time the officers approached Young’s four-door sedan, Young was already inside the vehicle. One of the officers was next to the driver of the vehicle and the other officer was in front of the vehicle. More than a dozen verbal orders were given to Young to get out of the car and turn it off, Belford said.

Rather, according to Belford, Young I rushed straight at the officer In front of the car, he fired one shot through the windshield.

Young’s car drove a short distance, crossed the sidewalk, and crashed into the outside of the building. Belford said officers broke the driver’s side window to get Young out of the car and begin providing medical assistance with the help of an emergency room doctor who was in the parking lot at the time.

Young was taken to Mount Carmel Saint Ann Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

youth who is Mother of a child aged 6 and 3 yearsShe was pregnant with a girl who was due in November, according to her family.

In his statement on Friday, Belford said processing body cam footage will take time due to revisions required by Ohio law. Blendon Township is a small, unstaffed department from agencies such as the Columbus Police who have a dedicated unit of several people who process records requests.

Local activists and protest groups gathered at Kruger on Friday night And again on Sunday evening to demand justice and accountability for the shooting.

Blendon Township also canceled a concert previously scheduled to be held at Ridgewood Park on Saturday night.


This article originally appeared in the Columbus Dispatch: Body camera footage of Ta’Kiya’s young police launch will not come Monday

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