Video shows Philadelphia police shooting and killing a man seconds after the officer got out of the car


Newly released security footage shows A A Philadelphia officer shoots and kills a man inside his car Seconds later the police pulled up next to his car, contradicting the department’s claim that the man lunged at the police.

The video was posted on Tuesday by an attorney representing the family of Eddie Jose Irizari, 27, who was shot and killed in Philadelphia on August 14.

Eddie Jose Irizary.  (via WCAU)

Eddie Jose Irizary. (via WCAU)

Irizari, who moved from Puerto Rico when he was 19 and spoke little English, was driving erratically and stopped, Attorney Shaka Johnson told a news conference Tuesday as he played Ring camera footage that captured the fatal encounter.

The video shows Irizari randomly pulling into a parking spot, and running over a cone. The video shows that a police car stops right behind him and two officers get out. The officers can be heard repeatedly yelling, “Show me your hands,” as they point their weapons at Irizari’s car. The video shows that one of the officers then fired several shots at the car a few seconds later. Police identified him as Officer Mark Dial and said he was on restricted duty.

An officer opens the driver’s side door and pulls Irizari out. Both officers remove him from the video frame.

Police said Irizari was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“The death penalty is not required”

Johnson said Irizari should not have been killed.

The lawyer said: “On August 14th, he appears to have committed the great sin of erratic driving, and I don’t care how you dismantle this, there is no need for the death penalty, for erratic driving.”

He said Dayal should be arrested and charged with a crime. Citizens Police Oversight Committee Called to terminate the request.

During a press conference at the scene, police initially said Irizari was outside the car. At a press conference on 16 August, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said that “the evidence clearly indicated that the man was not outside the vehicle and was sitting inside the vehicle at the time of his release.”

“At the time we provided this information, it was the best information we had,” she said. “We always strive to clarify and update that information as quickly and accurately as possible.”

The outlaw did not say how they got the inaccurate information that Irizari was outside his car. The police department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

Johnson accused the ministry of initially telling the public an “obvious lie”.

“When you look at this video, I want you to ask yourself, look at it critically and ask yourself how, based on what you’ll soon see, could the story be a police chase?” He told reporters before playing the security video.

“How could Mrs. Reilly come up on the stand as spokesperson for the police department and say that Mr. Irizary, Eddie, got out of that car, and pulled a knife, and I think I heard Mrs. Jasmine Reilly say,” “Officers gave orders to drop the knife while Eddie was out of the car. But he He didn’t. In fact, he lunged at the police officers and then he was shot.” “We know this is an outright lie,” Johnson continued. “It’s a fabrication. It never happened that way.”

Outlaw said the two officers were in a police car with a sign when they saw a Toyota Corolla “driving erratically” around 12:28 p.m. on Aug. 14. The officers followed the vehicle as it was traveling in the wrong direction in a single lane in one direction. She told reporters on the street. When the car stopped in the parking lot, the officers got out of their car.

The outlaw said an officer tried to open the passenger side door and told the officer the driver had a gun. Outlaw said Irizari turned to the second officer at the driver’s side door and that officer “fired his gun several times inside the vehicle, fatally wounding the driver.”

She added that Irizari was declared dead at the hospital at 12:48 p.m.

Family demands to view the police body camera

Authorities said two knives, one of which appeared to be a “kitchen knife” and a serrated folding knife, were spotted inside the vehicle.

Johnson said Irizari’s father gave him one of the knives because Irizari worked as a mechanic.

The outlaw said both officers activated their body cameras. The footage has not been publicly released.

Johnson said Irizari’s family asked the city through the district attorney’s office to allow them to view the body camera footage in private. He said they were supposed to watch the videos on Friday, but the district attorney’s office canceled the show, citing an ongoing investigation into the shooting.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said in an emailed statement that they have been in contact with the family’s attorney.

“We look forward to meeting with them and their legal counsel in person in the near future,” said spokeswoman Jin Roh. “The Office of the Attorney General intends to uphold its sworn commitment to seek justice for all those involved in the fatal shooting of Mr. Irizari, as well as for all Philadelphians not directly involved but who care deeply about fairness, justice, and independence.”

The police department said it is up to the district attorney’s office when the body camera footage is released.

Irizari is remembered as a “great guy” who has worked on cars

Irizari’s aunt told reporters he was a “great person” who enjoyed working in cars and listening to loud music.

“I just want him to remember that he was such a good kid,” she said, sobbing. “He was never in trouble and loved his family.”

Johnson said Irizari moved to Philadelphia from Puerto Rico when he was 19 and spoke very little English. He had been suffering from schizophrenia and other diagnoses, the lawyer said, noting Irizary had never been arrested or had a negative encounter with police prior to last week’s shooting.

The aunt said Dial had taken “someone very special to us” and wanted him “to pay for what he did”.

The police department’s shooting investigation team involved in the shooting is conducting a criminal investigation in parallel with the District Attorney’s Office investigation. The Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is also conducting a departmental investigation into whether officers have breached policies and procedures.

Officer Dial cannot be reached at the phone numbers listed for him. The police union did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

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