The Tate Brothers bragged about their ‘slave’ webcam girls as the outlet threatened to ‘break their teeth’


Andrew Tate and his brother bragged about “slave” webcam girls while the alleged conspirator threatened to “break their teeth,” according to evidence collected by Romanian prosecutors.

The BBC reported that case files allege that Mr Tate forced the women into sexual acts, and he has evidence that at least one woman sustained injuries to the breast and eye.

Andrew Tate, a misogynistic influencer, has been accused of rape, which he denies.

He and his brother are facing trial in Romania on charges of human trafficking and forming an organized criminal group, along with two other defendants, which he also denies.

After the brothers were formally charged in June, prosecutors alleged that they tricked the women into coming to a house on the outskirts of Bucharest.

They forced them to produce pornography for the subscription site Onlyfans and other platforms.

The case files include a text message from Mr Tate allegedly admitting to being the owner of an adult content company that prosecutors say was the center of the gang’s activities.

Mr Tate’s brother, Tristan, says he will “enslave these bitches” in what prosecutors say are written audio messages from 2020 amid 300 pages of testimony in the files.

Tristan Tate allegedly said he didn’t want women on sites like OnlyFans, PornHub or TikTok to have access to their accounts.

He allegedly said, “I want this money to be used by you and me, fuck them…”.

Part of the text read: “Basically I’m going to enslave these bitches… I’m going to make them work hours and hours and hours more.”

Access to OnlyFans funds was controlled by Georgiana Nagel, one of the two Romanian accusers.

Prosecutors alleged that she paid the women a fixed amount every month without telling them how much they really earned.

Case files say Ms Nagel, who denies one count of assault, sent text messages to the women threatening to “break their teeth” and that they would “end up in the morgue”.

The Tates family has also been accused of financially punishing women for crying online or wiping their noses while on screen.

A spokeswoman for Tate told the BBC the Tates family strongly denied the allegations, which include evidence of Andrew Tate being required to engage in group sex, using terms such as ‘whore’ and ‘whore’, as well as slapping an alleged rape victim.

The broadcaster said in its report that some of the testimonies could have been translated several times, including by the BBC.

Attorneys for Tates are expected to challenge the prosecution’s evidence at a pretrial hearing later this month. Some case file evidence may be deemed inadmissible.

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