Kent Police have arrested a man for 31 serious offences, finding weapons and drugs after reporting a suspicious vehicle


Kent Police arrested on August 9th and found weapons and drugs after a truck of suspicious goods was reported.

The Kent Police Department said a resident called 911 after the truck stopped near their 98th Avenue South home over the past week. The caller told police that there was strange behavior, believed to be drug activity, around the truck and the house it was parked next to.

Kent officers responded and found several men in a car near the empty freight truck. Police said the sedan had no license plates and had a fake flight permit. They also said that the sedan’s VIN was covered in tape and that the steering column was “completely destroyed”.

Police said the truck was found to have been stolen in King County on July 26. They also said that a 39-year-old Kent man who got out of the car carrying a tube of drugs “seemed like an odd choice, even in our line of work.”

Police said the man had several arrest warrants in various cities, including one in Kent for $5,300 for a failure to appear on possession of a dangerous weapon, and false charges.

While detaining him, the officers said, they found a small piece of tin in his hand that contained a fentanyl pill. Police said the man then began showing signs of drug use and was struggling to stand. He was placed in a secure sitting position, and more fentanyl pills and a bag of meth were allegedly found on him.

Then the firefighters arrived and provided assistance. Police said the man admitted to smoking seven “blues” or fentanyl pills before police arrived. The police also found a stolen gun.

Kent BD said the man was taken to hospital, treated and released into custody. Kent BD also said the man had several warrants to clear the matter in different cities before he was released.

Police said the man committed two felonies, 31 serious misdemeanours, and 17 misdemeanor convictions, including the new charge of possession of a stolen handgun.

Kent PD also added that those who need help with drugs or alcohol can find information for treatment here.

“We see a lot of overdoses. He’s very lucky that our resident called 911 and the police arrested him.”

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