Cut the Red Tape in Healthcare

In Congress I will work to ensure Americans have greater access to quality health services while at the same time helping to reduce overall costs by encouraging increased emphasis on preventative care, increased access to provider services, and competition in health-plan markets.


With an increase in regulatory requirements, societal expectations, and documentation needs, providers face a growing burden of responsibility to fix the healthcare system, made worse due to COVID-19.

Work to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction of experience while reducing the per capita cost of care must include provider voices. In order to achieve success in a value-based environment, provider driven leadership and expertise is critical.

To best serve patients, providers must be allowed to practice and be reimbursed to the fullest extent of their licensure, training and competencies without arbitrary limitations lacking either scientific or sound policy justification.


To ensure that the growing needs of the American health care system can be met, patients must have access to the quality health care providers of their choice. Limiting patient access to choice of qualified, licensed, and certified providers reduces competition and harms patient access to needed health care services while increasing costs for consumers and the delivery system as a whole.

I will work to increase patient access to needed care and defend their freedom to seek this care from their provider of choice in plans both public and private.

As we design enhanced models of care that align population management and value-based benefit with the interests of patients, providers, and payors, we will reduce cost, improve quality, and increase access to needed care.