A Texas attorney who poisoned his pregnant wife with abortion drugs has been sentenced to 180 days in prison


The Texas lawyer who pleaded guilty Inserting abortion medication into his pregnant wife’s drinks He was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

Mason Herring’s estranged wife, Katherine Herring, told Harris County Circuit Court on Wednesday that the sentence was not strict enough. She said their daughter, who is now one year old, suffers from developmental delays and attends therapy eight times a week.

Mason Herring. (Houston Police via AP)

“I don’t think 180 days is justice for trying to kill your child seven separate times,” she said. Associated Press.

Mason Herring, 39, is accused of drugging drinks he served his wife 11 years after he learned in 2022 that she was pregnant with their third child. At the time, the couple was separated but agreed to attend couples counseling, the complaint states.

Katherine Herring told police that during a counseling session in March 2022, she told her husband about the pregnancy and “he had a negative reaction and then that evening, he sent her text messages expressing that he was unhappy about the pregnancy and didn’t know.” What to do,” the complaint says.

He allegedly told her that getting pregnant “would ruin his plans and make him look like a fool.” Their counselor suggested that the two spend spring break together, according to the complaint.

Katherine Herring told authorities that her husband began talking to her about hydrating her and how she needed to drink more water, the complaint says. On March 17, 2022, he brought her breakfast and water and said he would not leave until she drank the entire cup, according to the complaint.

Katherine Herring said she noticed the water looked cloudy, but her husband said it was because the cup or pipes were dirty, the complaint states.

After drinking the drink, she became very ill and experienced convulsions. When she started bleeding, Katherine Herring said she went to the emergency room, according to the complaint.

Suspecting that her husband was trying to poison her, Katherine Herring said she set up cameras around her house. She told police that on six other occasions, he gave her drinks mixed with abortion medication but she did not drink them.

She also provided authorities with a video showing Mason Herring mixing a substance into her drink and throwing trash out of his car, according to the complaint. She told authorities she looked through the trash and found a package for a medication containing misoprostol, which is used to induce abortion.

Mason Herring, who was a Houston attorney according to the AP, was initially charged with felony assault to induce an abortion. He accepted a plea agreement on charges of injury to a child and assault on a pregnant woman. In addition to 180 days in jail, the judge ordered him to be placed on probation for 10 years and prohibited him from contacting his estranged wife and 1-year-old daughter.

His lawyer, Dan Cogdill, said the sentence was reasonable.

“It’s a sad situation and Mason has accepted responsibility,” the Associated Press reported that Cogdill told the court.

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