Israel says it has struck more than 50 Hezbollah targets in Syria since October 7


JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The Israeli military said on Saturday that since the outbreak of the Gaza war on October 7, it had struck more than 50 targets in Syria linked to the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah group.

These statements, which came at a press conference presented by the chief military spokesman, Admiral Daniel Hagari, who mainly discussed efforts to confront Hezbollah attacks launched in solidarity with Hamas, were a departure from Israel’s usual reticence regarding operations in Syria.

Hajari said, “Everywhere Hezbollah is present, we will be. We will take the required measures everywhere in the Middle East.”

Hajri said that Israeli forces attacked 34,000 Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, including 120 border observation points, 40 caches of missiles and other weapons, and more than 40 command centers. The number of enemy deaths was estimated at more than 200.

Hajary said Israel deployed three army divisions on its side of the Lebanese border in anticipation of Hezbollah’s involvement after Palestinian Hamas launched a surprise cross-border attack on October 7, sparking war in the Gaza Strip.

As tens of thousands of its northern residents were evacuated, Israel threatened to escalate the fighting in Lebanon unless Hezbollah retreated from the border – and requested Western help in finding a diplomatic solution in Beirut.

(Writing by Dan Williams, Editing by Mark Potter)

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