Higher education faces a ‘giant reckoning’ as blue-collar jobs proliferate, warns Mike Rowe


warned astute labor advocate Mike Rowe American higher education It faces a “giant reckoning” as more families reevaluate their options when it comes to childcare and degrees.

“I think we’re seeing a giant reckoning, through a public relations lens, where parents are going to look at the cost of a four-year college degree,” Rowe said. “American newsroom” Tuesday.

Employers were fed up with college “waste” and were choosing skilled blue-collar workers instead

The cost of attending a college or university in the United States has increased dramatically in recent years. Combined with record inflation and expensive student loans, more parents and students are exploring alternatives to the four-year degree.

According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly 50% of parents say they would not send their children to a four-year university. Furthermore, two-thirds of high school students believe they would be fine without a college degree.

Mike Rowe, CEO of MikeRoweWorks, comments on the issues facing higher education.

The former Dirty Jobs host attributed these changes to “inflation” in higher education, especially prestigious universities like Harvard.

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“Inflation is not limited to our economy,” he said. “There’s degree inflation. There’s grade inflation. There’s a legacy problem there.”

“[Parents are] Go look Places like Harvard…The average GPA today at Harvard is 3.8. It was summa cum laude when we were in school. Back in 1955, that number was 2.55.

Mike Rowe says four-year grades no longer ring with pride: it’s ‘shameful’

Rowe also alluded to the university’s recent scandal involving former president Claudine Guy.

“There’s $51 billion in the endowment fund. We’ve all had a front-row seat to the Harvard Foundation working hard to protect its president from 50 plagiarism charges. So, you can’t blame a parent for looking at all this and going,” Rowe said. “Yes, maybe not that one.”

After receiving backlash for her comments at a congressional hearing on campus anti-Semitism, Gay was discovered last October accused of plagiarizing several passages in published academic articles dating back to the 1990s. After the initial claims, another Allegations of plagiarism It was brought against Jay in subsequent weeks.

As more Americans move away from traditional higher education, Rowe said other paths into skilled labor are becoming more desirable.

A number of well-known companies are reducing or even eliminating college degree requirements in light of the cultural shift surrounding higher education. Big names including Netflix, Google, Tesla and Bank of America are among the companies that have adjusted job requirements.

“I know I broke the record in this area, but with higher education still fluctuating out there, these other paths will seem shiny and new.”

Fox News’ Kyle Morris contributed to this report.

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