Hulu is the latest streaming program to crack down on password sharing. what do you know


It has become a holo The latest streaming company to take drastic action on sharing passwords, joining Netflix and Disney+ in banning shared accounts outside of individual households.

Hulu announced in an email to customers on January 31 that it is updating its subscriber agreement, so that “unless your service level allows otherwise, you may not share your subscription outside of your household.”

Hulu said it will analyze individual accounts to ensure they are following the new changes, and that the company is actively exploring how to address the changes.

The company said users have just over a month until the new policy goes into effect on March 14.

Brian Steinberg, Variety’s senior television editor, said on TODAY that the move was not surprising because it followed what other large broadcast companies were already doing.

“This is an era where all these big companies need to make more money from streaming,” Steinberg said. “And I think they’re all looking at these different types of ways to crack down on password sharing.”

Social media users said They were frustrated by the move, adding that they feel streaming services are starting to “become more like cable.”

Others said the cost-cutting measure was expected after Hulu’s parent Disney announced it was exploring how to address password sharing and roll out similar user agreements on Disney+.

“They came to these services for all the shows, no ads, all the convenience, and so we’re seeing that kind of erosion over time,” Steinberg said.

Saw Netflix Huge success after implementing its password sharing campaign last year. The streamer reported gaining nearly 22 million new subscribers in about six months, for a total of about 260 million paid subscribers across the platform and about $9 billion in revenue.

“They see that Netflix has actually gained subscribers instead of losing them, so they’re just thinking that they’ll also get the same result.” said one TikToker.

The recent shift to ban password sharing has left streaming users wondering which company will be next, and comes as streaming prices continue to rise. Hulu plans with Live TV cost about $80 per month, while subscriptions without Live TV — but with ads — cost $7.99.

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