Belgium summons the Israeli ambassador after the bombing of its building in Gaza


BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Belgium summoned the Israeli ambassador on Friday after the bombing of a Belgian development agency building in Gaza City, Belgian Foreign Minister Hajja Lahbib said.

“Attacks on civilian infrastructure violate the principles of international humanitarian law. All parties must abide by them,” she posted on the social media platform X.

The Belgian Ministry of Development Cooperation said it was not aware of any civilian casualties and that the building, which it shares with Handicap International, should have been empty at the time of the bombing.

A ministry spokesman added that the Israeli ambassador promised to conduct an investigation.

It is not clear when the building was bombed. The spokesman said Belgium discovered the matter on Thursday evening and suspected it had happened on Wednesday.

Belgium is one of the countries that called for a permanent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and criticized Israel for its handling of the conflict.

(Reporting by Charlotte Van Campenhout; Editing by Kevin Levy)

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