Ticket prices for this year’s Super Bowl might make a billionaire like Taylor Swift blush


Ticket prices for this year Super Bowl match Between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers they might make it happen Billionaire Taylor Swift Blush.

As of Monday, the Feb. 11 game is the most expensive Super Bowl ever, according to Place a check mark. The average price is around $9,800, which is 70% higher than the price of last year’s big game.

The current (cheapest) “admission” price for this year’s game is $8,188, which is 50% more expensive than the cheapest ticket price for last year’s Super Bowl during this time, when it cost $5,997.

The defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs are headed to the big game for the fourth time in five years. The last time they faced the 49ers in the Super Bowl was in 2020, when they faced the Chiefs She launched a comeback and won.

The 2020 game was previously the most expensive Super Bowl ever, according to TickPick, which had an average purchase price of $6,370. Those tickets were 35% less expensive than this year’s game.

One of the main factors for the high prices is the city itself. Brett Goldberg, co-CEO of TickPick, told CNN that Las Vegas is “a big factor in the record-high demand” because “the location turns a three-hour game into a week full of fan-attended festivities.”

“Over the course of 12 months, Las Vegas has slowly begun to establish itself as the sporting capital of the United States, and this may be its crowning moment,” he said. Nevada City held a Formula 1 race in November.

As usual, ticket prices may drop closer to match day, as sellers look to unload seats for lower prices. TickPick noted that last year, with “fatigue” among some Chiefs fans, but Goldberg said the city “can convince fans to come regardless.”

For those looking for a deal on tickets, don’t bother. Goldberg said that while they may “see a potential price drop” over the next couple of weeks, prices did not drop prior to the 2020 Super Bowl when both teams previously played.

“So, while we may see prices decline, it may not be significant,” Goldberg said.

Super Bowl LVIII is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 11 in Las Vegas, with kickoff at 6:30 PM ET. The game is broadcast on CBS and its streaming service Paramount+.

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