A Greyhound bus crash in Alabama left at least one person dead and several injured


At least one person was killed and several others were injured — at least one seriously — in a crash involving a Greyhound bus late Monday night in north-central Alabama, near the Tennessee border, authorities said.

Limestone County Coroner Mike West He told CBS Huntsville, the Alabama affiliate of WHNT-TV Several agencies were at the scene. He was one of them, the sheriff’s office in neighboring Madison County said on X’s former Twitter post.

Don Webster, a spokesman for Huntsville Emergency Medical Services Inc. (HEMSI), told the station that the bus was headed from Montgomery, Alabama, to Nashville, with a scheduled stop in Huntsville.

He added that another vehicle was involved in the collision.

One person died at the scene and eight others were injured, Webster said. One was in critical condition, three were in serious condition and four others had non-life-threatening injuries. All of them were taken to hospitals.

There was no initial information about the cause of the accident.

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