Frugal People Love the 6-to-1 Grocery Shopping Method: Here’s Why It Works


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Grocery shopping has It wasn’t more expensive. According to the Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe cost of groceries rose 2.7% from December 2022 to December 2023, with the prices of some items, such as snacks and sauces, rising even more.

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As costs increase and budgets continue to tighten, people everywhere are looking for new and better ways to shop. With that in mind, TikTok creator, Chef Will Coleman, presented… The 6-to-1 grocery shopping method As a way to buy groceries while saving money and time.

Here’s how and why it works, plus some things to keep in mind if you decide to implement it Grocery shopping hack.

How the 6 to 1 grocery shopping method works

The way the 6-to-1 grocery shopping method works is simple. I bought:

  • Six vegetables (such as carrots, peppers, and onions)

  • Five fruits

  • Four proteins (such as chicken, tofu, beef, and eggs)

  • Three starches (such as potatoes and rice)

  • Two sauces or sauces

  • One fun thing for yourself

You can do this method at any grocery store you frequent, whether it’s your local Kroger, Costco, or Food Lion.

The goal of the 6-to-1 grocery shopping method is also simple. It’s designed to make shopping easier, reduce impulse purchases, and save money. You’re supposed to walk in and out of the store so you don’t spend more time than necessary browsing the aisles looking for what you need.

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On TikTok, many people have claimed that this method works for them and that it makes meal planning much easier. They also said it has helped limit the number of processed foods they add to their shopping cart, enabling them to eat healthier.

Is the 6-to-1 grocery shopping method right for you?

The 6-to-1 grocery shopping method may be better suited for those who are new to their grocery shopping and need a little organization to keep them on track. But before choosing a new way to budget, think about your wants and needs.

“When considering the 6-to-1 grocery shopping method, it’s important to know what’s best for you and your budget. Overall, understanding your budget is essential to knowing what you should and shouldn’t buy at the grocery store — and making sure you save money.”

“Since prices change often at the grocery store, you may not be able to get everything on your list,” she continued. “But if you have a combination of things you ‘need’ versus what you ‘want’ to buy, it makes it easier to budget.” While you’re in the aisles.” “Head to the store with this sorted list and make sure you stick to the ‘needs’ first to save the most money.”

If you decide to try this shopping trick, do some price comparisons when making your grocery list. For example, some fruits and vegetables will be cheaper at certain times of the year or in certain stores. Create your menu based on what your family needs for a healthy, nutritious diet – and look for discounted or reasonable prices.

Consider dietary restrictions and your weekly grocery needs

The 6-to-1 shopping method has good intentions, but it may not be right for everyone.

“It’s great that this way of grocery shopping encourages consumers to plan meals and think about what they’re buying, but it doesn’t take into account your specific eating habits,” said Erika Kohlberg, founder of the International website. “For example, if you’re on the keto diet, you don’t need to buy three starches a week.”

“Your grocery habits can also change on a weekly basis,” she added. If you have a busy week with work dinners and spend Sunday night enjoying your mom’s home cooking, you may not need to buy as many groceries as you did the week before.

Other tips to save money at the grocery store

Besides the 6-to-1 grocery shopping method, there are several other ways to save money at the grocery store.

“Before heading to the store, shop an app choice like Flashfood, an app-based marketplace that helps shoppers find great deals on the groceries they need, including fresh produce, meat, fish, dairy, and baked goods,” suggested Tray Budge, shopping expert. Smart in

Besides this, Budge suggested the following:

  • Enroll in your store’s loyalty program for members-only sales or to earn points for future grocery purchases.

  • Buy generic brands whenever possible.

  • Use a credit card that allows you to earn cash back or points (but be sure to pay off your balance each month before the interest accrues).

“I recommend sitting down every weekend and planning your meals around your weekly schedule,” Kohlberg added. “Look in your fridge and pantry to see what ingredients you can use before they go bad so you don’t overbuy. If possible, plan some meals that use multiple ingredients.” So you can reduce waste during the upcoming weekend.

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