The Alabama AG says the nitrogen gas implementation was “textbook” and will be used again


the to implement For convicted murderer Kenneth Eugene Smith Using nitrogen hypoxia Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said in a news conference on Friday that the order was “in writing.”

It was execution Conducted Thursday night This was the first time that nitrogen hypoxia, a process intended to cause asphyxiation by forcing a person to inhale pure nitrogen or lethally high concentrations of it through a gas mask, had been used to execute someone.

“What happened last night was textbook,” Marshall He said. “As of last night, nitrogen hypoxia as an implementation method is no longer an untested method. It has been proven effective.”

Smith had requested a manner of death after his survival Failed lethal injection in 2022, but his lawyers said he was being used as a “test subject.” Human rights activists Criticize the new, untested method.

Multiple legal challenges have been levied against the use of nitrogen hypoxia prior to execution. The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the state of Alabama was within its constitutional rights to carry out the death sentence, and on Thursday the court allowed the execution to continue as planned.

Marshall said Friday morning that he could not call the execution “justice” for the family Elizabeth Sennett, for whose murder Smith was convicted in 1989, due to the length of time it took to carry out the sentence. Smith was one of two men who were paid $1,000 by Sennett’s husband to kill her. Sennett’s husband committed suicide a week after the murder. His accomplice, Parker, was executed in June 2010 for his role in the killings. According to To the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Marshall apologized to the couple’s children on Friday.

“I want to say to the family, especially the victim’s sons, Mike and Chuck, how truly sorry I am for the horrific way their mother lost her life, but I also want to apologize to them for how long it took for this sentence to be passed. It must be carried out,” Marshall said.

Another 43 inmates on Alabama’s death row requested to be executed by nitrogen hypoxia, Marshall said. He said he also believes other countries will start using this method.

“Alabama did it, and now you can do it too,” Marshall said. “We stand ready to help you implement this method in your states.”

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