6 bodies found at a remote crossroads in the Southern California desert; The investigation is ongoing


VICTORVILLE, Calif. — Deputies found the bodies of six people at a remote crossroads near El Mirage, California, in the Mojave Desert, a scene described as so horrific that television stations blurred some of the images their helicopters captured in the sky.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies were asked to respond to “an area off Interstate 395 in El Mirage” for a wellness check Tuesday night, sheriff’s spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez told the Victorville Daily Press, part of the USA TODAY Network. Upon arrival, five bodies were found and investigators discovered the sixth body during a night search.

Investigators are still collecting evidence to determine what happened at the scene, according to Rodriguez. The authorities did not release details about how and when the people died or who they were.

“It will take several hours before we are ready to remove any body from the scene,” she said during a press conference, adding that forensic investigators would then be called.

Members of the sheriff’s Specialized Investigations Division were also brought in to conduct a homicide investigation, according to an email from sheriff’s spokeswoman Gloria Huerta.

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Two cars were found parked at the crime scene

The area where the bodies were discovered is about 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles and about 20 miles northwest of Victorville. The San Bernardino Police Department had to request assistance from the California Highway Patrol’s aviation division to find the scene, Rodriguez said.

Aerial footage from television stations showed two vehicles found parked at the crime scene, including a dark blue SUV with a smashed passenger window and another door open, with part of the image blurred. The footage also showed several yellow signs near the dirt road intersection, in a dirt desert landscape that stretches for miles, blocking access from the nearest paved road.

Cardboard, broken bottles, and rubber tires were also found scattered in the area of ​​the recorded scene.

Where is the Mojave Desert located?

The Mojave Desert is an area located in Southern California as well as parts of the states of Nevada, Utah, and Arizona that occupies more than 25,000 square miles.

The desert, named after the Mojave people, is part of the North American desert and joins the Great Basin, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan deserts, according to the American “space” website. Britannica. The Mojave region includes the lands extending from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Colorado Plateau, adjacent to the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.

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This article originally appeared on the Victorville Daily Press: Mojave Desert in California: The bodies of 6 people were found in a remote area

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