Washington authorities have identified last known remains linked to the ‘Green River Killer’


Investigators in Washington state have identified the last known set of human remains linked to the so-called “Green River Killer” A woman was determined to be a victim more than 30 years ago, officials said Monday.

Tammy Lyles’ partial remains were found in King County in 2003, and authorities described them as “20 bones” because authorities were unable to confirm her identity at the time, the King County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. New release.

In 2022, the Sheriff’s Office began working with Texas-based Othram Forensic Laboratory on the case. The following year, the lab built a DNA profile and came up with a preliminary identification of the remains as those of Lyles, the sheriff’s office said.

Investigators collected a DNA sample from Lyles’ mother, which tested positive.

“With this identification, there are no other unidentified remains associated with the Green River case,” the Sheriff’s Office said in the news release.

It was Lyles Last seen in June 1983 Working as a prostitute in the Seattle area. Her family reported her missing in March 1988, and a separate set of remains were identified as hers using dental records.

Lyles is one of dozens of victims of serial killer Gary Ridgway, known as the “Green River Killer.” The nickname came from the South Seattle river where he began disposing of his victims in 1982.

Authorities spent years investigating his murder. It wasn’t until November 2001 Ridgway is arrested After DNA evidence linked him to some of the first victims in a string of unsolved murders in the Seattle area.

Ridgway Admission of guilt to 48 counts of aggravated murder in 2003, making him one of the most prolific criminals. serial killer In the history of the United States. He pleaded guilty to murder charge No. 49 in 2011.

All but two of his victims’ bodies were found near Seattle. The others were found in Oregon.

Last month, King County authorities announced this Identifying the remains of Lori Ann RazbotnikAnother of his victims. Razbotnik’s family last saw her alive in 1982, before she fled her family home in Lewis County, south of Seattle. Her remains were referred to as “Bones 17” when they were found in 1985.

Ridgway, 74, is being held at Washington State Prison in Walla Walla.

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