Apple Watch imports banned in America — again


A federal appeals court has denied Apple’s request to temporarily halt a ban on imports of advanced models of the Apple Watch, and the ban will be reinstated on Thursday, according to a court filing on Wednesday.

Apple has requested a stay of the ban while it appeals US International Trade Commission decision Which came into effect last month. This ITC order prohibited Apple from importing Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2among other newer models, were sent to the United States because they infringed another company’s patents.

Apple was last month granted a temporary stay on the ban so a judge could rule on a longer stay that would last through the appeals process, which will likely take months.

Wednesday’s ruling means the import ban will be in effect for the duration of the appeal.

However, Apple will have a workaround: the company released earlier this month I got approved from US Customs and Border Protection to continue importing a redesigned version of Apple’s more advanced watches.

The redesigned watches will not have a pulse oximeter function, a medical scanner technology that measures the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream, a feature that was at issue in the patent dispute.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday’s ruling.

The Apple Watch ban saga

The import ban stems from an October ruling by the International Trade Commission that the pulse oximeter feature in advanced Apple Watch models infringes a patent owned by Masimo in California.

The ruling means that Apple can no longer import violating models into the United States, and the company began pulling them from its shelves when the ban officially went into effect in December.

Apple immediately appealed the ban.

However, Apple quickly Restart sales Hours after a federal appeals court temporarily blocked the ban, to allow time for a judge to consider halting the ban during the entire appeals process, and while U.S. Customs reviewed the company’s proposed redesign.

That pause on the ban now expires on Thursday and Apple will have to decide whether to import its certified, redesigned watches while the appeal process continues.

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