Antony Blinken switches planes in Zurich after the first Boeing plane was grounded due to an oxygen leak


Secretary of State Antony Blinken changed his plane in Zurich, Switzerland, on Wednesday after his original plane was grounded.

He first boarded a Boeing C-40, part of the US military service, but that plane suffered a serious malfunction related to an oxygen leak.

A new plane has been arranged for Blinken. Journalists traveling with him were advised to make commercial flight arrangements because the new aircraft was not able to accommodate journalists.

Matt Miller, a State Department spokesman, told reporters that Blinken was still expected to return to Washington, D.C., late Wednesday, although several hours later than originally scheduled.

Miller said that the mechanical problem did not cause any disruption to Blinken’s meetings, as the minister had already left Davos for Zurich.

Miller directed any further questions on the plane to the Air Force.

Blinken was in Davos this week to attend the World Economic Forum, a summit of government and business leaders.

The Boeing C-40 is a modified Boeing 737 used for flights by the Vice President, First Lady, or Secretary of State.

Boeing has been at the center of much controversy and scrutiny since then The door plug on an Alaska Airlines plane was disconnected air force, prompting the Federal Aviation Administration to temporarily halt Boeing 737 MAX 9 ground aircraft Operated in the United States or by US airlines.

Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday It expanded its investigation into the Boeing casesaying it would pay particular attention to the work of Spirit AeroSystems, an aerospace company in Wichita, Kansas, that manufactures and installs delivery doors for aircraft. Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft.

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