The Houthis continue their attacks in the Red Sea even after a series of US military strikes


the The Houthis supported by Iran It launched another attack on merchant ships on Tuesday, a few hours after the attack The United States preemptively struck the missiles in Yemen Which was ready for launch, according to a statement by the US Central Command.

The statement on Tuesday said the United States struck four anti-ship ballistic missiles that were posing an imminent threat to US Navy ships and commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

But in the afternoon, the Houthis struck another commercial ship in the Red Sea, a sign that the group is not slowing down its attacks on ships despite a series of retaliatory strikes by the United States. The Houthis said they would attack ships linked to Israel and its allies. US allies, but US officials said many of the ships attacked had no connection to Israel.

Last week, the US and UK, with support from other countries, struck just under 30 sites targeting “radar systems, air defense systems, and storage and launch sites for one-way attack on unmanned aerial systems, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles,” According to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. Statement from US Central Command.

The U.S.-owned and operated commercial cargo ship Gibraltar Eagle is shown in a file photo provided to CBS News.

The United States followed another strike early Saturday in Yemen that targeted a Houthi radar site.

US Central Command said on Monday that the Houthis hit a US-owned commercial ship with an anti-ship ballistic missile. No injuries were reported.

The Biden administration stressed that it does not want Israel’s war with Hamas to turn into a broader regional conflict. However, Houthi attacks on commercial ships, along with ongoing attacks by Iranian-backed militias on US forces in Iraq and Syria, show that instability in the Middle East already extends far beyond Israel.

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