The audio was obtained from the 911 call of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin


An audio recording of a 911 call made on behalf of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on January 1 reveals that Austin’s staff encouraged the dispatcher to keep the ambulance’s presence “discreet” as the secretary was hospitalized with complications resulting from Surgery for prostate cancer.

CBS News obtained the audio through a public information request to the Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications. The Daily Beast first reported the contents of the call.

“I’m calling for an ambulance [redacted]”, the caller says to the dispatcher.

“Can I ask, can the ambulance not show up with lights and sirens? We’re trying to be a little subtle,” the caller adds.

The caller asks the dispatcher if it is possible to take Austin to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Much of the call has been redacted, including the caller’s name, Austin’s symptoms, and Austin’s name.

Austin’s failure to inform the White House of his hospitalization — which included time he spent in the intensive care unit — and his failure to disclose to President Biden that he had prostate cancer became a public lesson in how not to handle a crisis in Washington. President Biden last week said “yes,” Austin showed an error in judgment when he failed to tell him about the situation sooner.

Timeline: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is hospitalized

Austin He was not released from the hospital until MondayTwo weeks later he was taken by ambulance to Walter Reed to treat a surgery-related infection. Austin underwent initial surgery for prostate cancer on December 22, without the knowledge of the White House.

Austin’s doctors said in a statement issued by the Pentagon on Monday that Austin is recovering at home and is “expected to make a full recovery.”

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The audio was obtained from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s 911 call

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