Uniqlo is suing rival Shein for allegedly copying a popular bag


Uniqlo has filed a lawsuit against fast fashion rival Shein, alleging that the Chinese retail giant copied its popular small round shoulder bag.

Fast Retailing, the parent company of Japanese company Uniqlo, demanded that Shein stop sales of “counterfeit products” and pay compensation, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. statement Announcement of the lawsuit filed on December 28, 2023 before the Tokyo District Court.

“The company filed this complaint because it determined that the appearance of the counterfeit products sold by Shein closely resembled the appearance of its own product,” Fast Retailing said in the statement. “The sale of counterfeit products by Shein significantly undermines the high level of customer confidence in the quality of the Uniqlo brand and its products.”

The bag was a commercial success worldwide, selling for the equivalent of $10 in Japan.

The Uniqlo brand offers casual clothing in 2,491 stores in 26 markets around the world.

Fast Retailing is not the first company to take legal action against Shein, which also has a track record of suing competitors. to e-commerce retailer Temu last month Shane filed a lawsuit It accused it of using “a mafia-style intimidation of suppliers.” The complaint filed in federal court in Washington is among several lawsuits filed by competitors in the United States and abroad.

Three designers last summer as well The suit was filed in federal court in California Alleging that their products had been copied and sold by Shein, the world’s largest fashion retailer, with annual sales of about $30 billion.

Shane stands up too Accused of committing ethical violations Including alleged forced labor practices and inhumane conditions for the workers who make her extremely cheap clothes, some of which sell for $3 apiece. In May 2023, a bipartisan group of two dozen lawmakers asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to halt Shein’s initial public offering until it verified that it was not using forced labor from China’s Muslim-majority Uyghur population.

Founded in China but now based in Singapore, Shein is known for its accelerated manufacturing practices and use of social media influencers to promote its brand. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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