‘Please hurry’: 911 audio captures panic and confusion after Sandman Hotel explosion


A woman called 911 immediately after An explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel In downtown Fort Worth.

“Sandman Hotel, we are Stuck in the elevator“Full of smoke,” the woman tells the dispatcher. Panic seeps into her voice.

“Please hurry,” she pleaded.

When the dispatcher asks where the woman and the people with her are, she asks the person with her to cover his face.

“Put your shirt over your nose to clear it, honey,” she says.

The caller says the elevator was going to the ninth floor. Then, the elevator doors appear open, and the woman asks someone to take the stairs. The caller tells the dispatcher they are out of the elevator.

“Okay, have a nice day,” the sender says.

“Yes, uh,” the woman replies, and the call ends.

It was Scott and Angela Cockroft Among the first to call 911The Star-Telegram previously reported, after a massive explosion in the hotel building on the afternoon of January 8. The couple, from Prosper, were on their way back to their hotel room when a loud explosion was heard and the elevator stopped. They forced their way out of the elevator and took the emergency stairs outside the building, the Star Telegram previously reported. They told the newspaper that they suffered from lung and throat irritation, but were not harmed.

Their call was one of more than 10 calls that afternoon, according to 911 audio released to the Star-Telegram under a public records request.

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Besides the elevator call, the call audio was mostly from people who saw or heard the explosion from a short distance away. But for many, there was still panic in their voices.

“There’s a lot of smoke,” one caller told Deception.

“It shook everything,” another said.

“It exploded. The Sandman Hotel exploded.”

After the massive explosion in downtown Fort Worth last week, at least 10 people called 911, some of whom appeared terrified.

“There’s a big explosion here at the Sandman Hotel,” one caller said. “something It exploded at Musume RestaurantI don’t know.”

At first, dispatchers seemed confused, trying to understand whether the callers meant an actual explosion. But then there were several calls about the same incident — describing a “big, big explosion” that “shook everything up” and left debris “covering the street” — and at one point, a dispatcher picked up a call and asked if the person on the other end was calling about Explosion.

This caller did not know what happened. “It just exploded. I don’t know what caused it or anything.”

One of the callers was from a private alarm company, and was calling because alarms were going off on at least 10 floors in the Sandman Signature Hotel building.

“Looks like we got dozens of them, I don’t know if we’re testing or what, but all the floors are blowing up right now,” the caller said.

It is still unclear exactly what caused the explosion. The massive explosion, which is believed to have originated in the basement of the Sandman Hotel, where the Musumi restaurant is located, 21 people were injured Debris and construction pieces were scattered in the streets of the city center.

Officials indicated that natural gas was involved in the explosion. Natural gas provider Atmos said so Its gas lines had no defects Or leakage. The official cause of the explosion has not yet been determined.

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