UAW members at Ford approve contract


Members of the United Auto Workers union at Ford ratified their labor deal by a larger margin of approval than members at General Motors.

Final vote, posted on Saturday UAW ratification vote tracker, showed that 69% of the company’s members voted in favor of the deal. Only 55% of GM member vote Thursday in favor of a similar deal.

Strikers at all Ford and General Motors plants and facilities, as well as workers at Stellantis, had already returned to work weeks ago, when Initial agreements A new contract was reached. Members of Stellantis also participate in voting to ratify their own contract. And partial results on UAW ratification vote tracker It appears that 69% have voted yes so far as well, meaning it is certain to be approved when the remaining votes are announced.

Although the deals were approved at all three companies, there was notable opposition among some members. The UAW reports that workers at more than a dozen GM plants and facilities voted against the deal. Opposition was more widespread at Ford and Stellantis but included workers in Ford truck plant in Kentucky in Louisville, its largest plant, while three Stellantis facilities voted no, including the Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio, which was one of the first to do so. Work strike on September 15th.

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