“Sadness”: A 5-year-old boy stabs his twin brother with a kitchen knife during a fight


A 5-year-old Northern California boy died after officials said his twin brother stabbed him with a knife during a sibling fight.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies responded shortly before 4 p.m. Wednesday to a home in the small city of Scotts Valley for a report of a stabbing.

The house is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains about 30 miles south of downtown San Jose.

Fighting “like siblings sometimes do”

according to press releaseArriving officers learned that 5-year-old twins were fighting “as siblings sometimes do,” the statement said.

At some point, as they continued to be released, one of the boys grabbed a small kitchen knife and stabbed his twin.

Despite the efforts of first responders and hospital staff to save his life, the 5-year-old boy later died at the hospital.

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No charges may be filed in the case of a fatal stabbing

After a preliminary investigation by Sheriff’s Office investigators and the local district attorney’s office, officials said no charges will be filed in connection with the boy’s death.

“California law states that age, criminal intent, and knowledge of wrongdoing are necessary factors to charge a child with a crime,” the statement read. “Based on the current investigation, there is no indication of negligence or criminal activity by any other party. We feel extremely sad for the family of these two young children and share their grief.”

Officials said no further details have been released in the case and asked that the family be given privacy while they mourn.

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