Crews rescue a woman and dog 150 feet below Mary Jane Canyon, Utah, after they were swept away by a flood


Search crews have rescued a woman and her dog who were trapped in a flood and carried more than 150 feet down Mary Jane Canyon in Utah.

Search teams rescued a woman and her dog after they were caught in a flash flood that carried them more than 150 feet into Mary Jane Canyon, Utah, on Thursday, officials said.

The woman, who was not named, was covered in mud “from head to toe” when they found her. Grand Sheriff County search and rescue officials said In a statement on social media Sunday.

Rescue officials said the 38-year-old woman used her phone to transmit an emergency satellite SOS A message after being washed up in a canyon near the Utah and Colorado border in Grand County, Utah.

Rescue officials said the sheriff’s office received the message, which contained her geographic coordinates, around 7:20 p.m.

A team of hikers searched for the woman near the coordinates, while a team of helicopters searched the area from above. After neither team could find the woman, the helicopter team flew down the canyon and found her and her dog about two miles away from the coordinates.

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The woman said she was carried 150 to 200 feet down the valley

The woman said she heard the flood coming and went to a sandbank above the stream, but the rising water sent her and her dog into the floodwaters and carried them 150 to 200 feet down the valley where she lost her shoe, rescuers said. .

She said she received a text saying her emergency message had not been sent, so she walked through the valley barefoot with her dog.

Rescuers said they reached her around 9:25 p.m., and she was unharmed.

This article originally appeared in the USA TODAY: A woman and a dog are swept 150 feet down Mary Jane Canyon in Utah in a flood

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