A home in California was destroyed in an apparent explosion, and other homes were damaged


A home was destroyed in California Clear explosion Local reports stated that the condition of Wednesday and others was bad.

The house is located in a residential neighborhood Santa Maria citywhich is about a three-hour drive north of Los Angeles.

Photos shared by the Santa Maria Police Department show a home reduced to rubble.

Santa Maria Police asked the community to stay off E Estes Drive near Hancock and use alternate routes.

The first responders were trying to clear the area to make sure people were safe. Meanwhile, firefighters were working to contain the fire.

Santa Maria house explosion

Fire officials have responded to the scene.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, though officials suspect it may have been caused by a gas leak Santa Maria Times reported.

Pictures released by the Santa Maria Police Department showed a suburban home reduced to rubble.

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City spokesman Mark Van de Kamp Nozhoek said “The explosion shattered the windows of 10 nearby houses.”

He added that at least four people were taken to local hospitals to receive treatment for their injuries.

Santa Maria house explosion

At least four people have been taken to local hospitals.

SoCalGas responded to the scene. Santa Barbara County sent an excavator and a search dog to help at the scene.

The explosion comes less than two weeks later House explosion near Pittsburgh As a result, one house was destroyed and two nearby houses caught fire, killing six people.

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