Las Vegas declares a state of emergency as Hillary approaches


Clark County, Nevada, declared a state of emergency Sunday ahead of Tropical Storm Hillary’s impact. The storm is expected to bring heavy rains and strong winds across the Las Vegas area.

The county, which has jurisdiction over the tourist hotspot known as the Las Vegas Strip, said it had declared a state of emergency “to ensure additional resources are available if needed.”

“It is important that our residents and visitors are aware of the serious risks posed by flash flooding as a result of the storm that is expected to occur this weekend in our area,” said Clark County Commission Chair Jim Gibson. He said on social media.

Local officials warn people not to drive on the roads and to stay away from recreation areas. Several public parks have announced that they will remain closed through at least Monday.

Residents should also be wary of typically dry wash operations and low-water crossings, as they can pose life-threatening risks during heavy rains, officials warn.

“We are advising the public to please heed warnings not to drive across flooded roads or around roadblocks and to stay home and away from recreational areas such as Red Rock, Lake Mead and Mount Charleston where roads and trails can wash away without warning,” Gibson said.

Visit the official National Weather Service website for the latest weather information:

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