Disneyland Resort to Close Early Sunday Due to Hurricane Hillary and Universal Studios Hollywood Storm Watch


Disneyland Resort in Southern California plans to close Sunday and Hollywood Universal Studios says they are “keep a close eye” for the incoming storm Like Hurricane Hillary It is set to make landfall.

tomorrow, Disneyland Resort It will close at 10:00 PM, instead of 12:00 AM, and Disney California Adventure will close at 9:00 PM instead of 10 PM, the park has confirmed. The park’s dining and shopping area, which normally closes at 1:00 a.m., will close at 11:00 p.m.

Disneyland will close at 10:00 PM, Disney California Adventure will close at 9:00 PM, Downtown Disney will close at 11:00 PM, and usually close at 12:00 AM, 10:00 PM, and 1:00 PM I’m straight.

In a statement, Disneyland Resorts confirmed to guests that it is closely following Hurricane Hillary Monitor and make adjustments based on the latest information from the National Weather Service.

The popular amusement park said its resort hotels will remain open to continue serving guests.


Universal Studios Hollywood said their parks plan to stay open tomorrow, but they’re continuing to monitor the incoming tornado.

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“The safety of our guests and team members is our top priority, and while we currently expect to remain open, we suggest guests return to this location or call our hotline at 800-864-8377 for updates prior to visit our destinationUniversal Studios Hollywood said in a statement.

Entrance to Universal Studios

Universal Studios Hollywood plans to stay open Sunday, August 20.

As of Saturday afternoon, Southern California is under a Category 1 hurricane watch as National Hurricane Center It predicts “catastrophic and life-threatening floods” of one-year rainfall in the drought-prone region.

Hurricane Hillary Evacuation Warnings Issued in California as ‘Catastrophic’ Flooding Expected

The Category 1 hurricane, which has weakened since Friday, is expected to make landfall either Saturday night or early Sunday morning in the Mexican state of Baja California, and Southern California You should start to see heavy rain on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

By Saturday afternoon, the hurricane was moving from the northwest The Pacific Ocean at 17 mph, with winds of 110 mph, according to the FOX Weather Center.

Millions of people in the state are under a tropical storm warning — the first ever issued for Southern California — extending from Los Angeles and San Diego, the US-Mexico border, as well as inland like Palm Springs.

Fox News’ Bree Stimson contributed to this report.

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