Reports say the captain of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner died in mid-air after becoming unwell.


A LATAM Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the air. Getty Images

  • A LATAM pilot died in the air after becoming unwell on a flight to Chile, according to multiple reports.

  • The Boeing 787 was diverted to Panama’s Tocumen International Airport two hours after it left Miami.

  • The South American carrier said the captain had been flying for 25 years.

A pilot on a flight from Miami to South America got unwell and died in mid-air, according to multiple reports.

Latam issued a statement to several outlets, including La RepublicaAnd El PaisAnd biobioto confirm Flight 505 was bound for Santiago, Chile had to divert after the captain fell ill and later died.

The statement said that two co-pilots commandeered a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and diverted it to Panama’s Tocumen International Airport, but the death of the captain was confirmed after the plane landed.

Radio Biobio assigned the captain the name Ivan Andor. Latam said he has been a pilot for 25 years.

information from FlightAwarea website that tracks aircraft movements, showed that the Boeing 787 made an abrupt descent toward the airport serving Panama City about two hours into the flight on Monday.

the The Air Herald reported The plane was still at the airport 12 hours after it landed.

“We deeply appreciate his 25-year career and invaluable contribution, which has always been marked by his dedication, professionalism and dedication,” Latam said in the statement.

The airline did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider, which was made outside of normal business hours.

A pilot’s death in mid-air is rare, but in June a “deceased” pilot who was traveling on an Air Canada flight was helped after the captain became “incapacitated,” according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. he said from the inside.

In August last year, Journey on Jet2 He made an emergency landing in the UK as a “precaution” after the pilot became unwell.

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