A senior Georgia election official has expressed concerns that Trump could cause violence: ‘He’s making himself a martyr’


Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the podium during a campaign rally in Windham, New Hampshire, August 8, 2023.

Reba Saldanha | Reuters

Former President Donald Trump could face an unprecedented fourth indictment over his alleged efforts to overturn his loss in the 2020 Georgia presidential election. Top Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling said Sunday that the criminal cases “give oxygen” to Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign.

Sterling, a Republican, said Trump lost the state in 2020 and that his repeated allegations of election fraud are unfounded. But because of the “tribal” nature of political parties in the US, Trump’s supporters tend to believe him.

“He makes himself a victim, he makes himself a martyr, and a lot of Americans are behind him because they feel some of these things are a little overblown,” Sterling told ABC’s “This Week.”

Sterling warned of possible violence in December 2020, before an angry mob of rioters stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. On Sunday, he said election-related violence remains his “biggest concern,” as individuals could be radicalized. Do something “stupid”.

The Atlanta attorney general overseeing the investigation in Georgia, Fulton County NBC News reports that plaintiff Fannie Willis is expected to present her case to a grand jury next week. This offer could lead to the former president being indicted in the case on state charges.

If that happens, it would be the fourth time Trump has been charged in a criminal case since March, and the second time he has been charged in connection with his efforts to prevent President Joe Biden from taking office.

Sterling said he testified before the Special Grand Jury, the panel that initially investigated the case, and participated in two interviews with DA officers. He said that if or when he was called to testify, he would “tell the truth and answer truthfully.”

Atlanta prosecutors are said to be in possession of text messages and emails directly linking a breach of the voting system in January 2021 in Coffey County to members of Trump’s legal team, according to a CNN Sunday. Allies of the former president attempted to access voting systems to find evidence of election fraud, according to the report, in what was part of a “top-down push by Team Trump.”

Trump said in a speech Tuesday in New Hampshire that he expects to be arraigned in Georgia soon.

“I gotta get four sometime next week,” Trump said.

This article originally appeared on www.cnbc.com

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