A special request from Rudy Giuliani asking you to support Scott Kaspar

June 13, 2022
6 minute read

Dear Friend,

I'm concerned about the terrible situation we are in right now. America is at a point here in 2022 where we are going to decide if the great American experiment will succeed or fail.

You see, we are surrounded by politicians who don’t believe in the American ideal. Democrats in Illinois and Washington, D.C.—with Joe Biden as their incoherent, confused leader—are doing everything they can to destroy the constitutional fabric that has made this the greatest Republic in the history of the earth.

This is no exaggeration. We are really at the precipice of failure if we cannot turn things around: quickly! This is why I am urging you to support Scott Kaspar in the upcoming Illinois 6th Congressional District primary on June 28th.

(You can contribute to Scott's campaign here.)

I was recently in Illinois to support my friend Scott Kaspar. I have to tell you. Scott is one of the most able, capable men I’ve known. And I don’t say that lightly. Scott understands how desperate things have become. And he knows how to do what it takes in Washington to change things quickly.

Consider how bad things are here in Illinois and in Chicago and Cook County in particular. Crime is destroying families and businesses in your area. And it’s literally killing hundreds of people as well. It’s a desperate situation.

I faced a far worse problem when I was elected as Mayor of New York City in 1994. We were averaging 2200 murders per year when I took office. Violent crime and theft were out of control. But me and my administration rallied together, and we took action immediately after I took office.

We gave them the resources they needed. We didn’t hold back on that. We designed methods they could lawfully use to stop nuisance crimes which helped stem the tide of worse criminal behavior. We added cops on the street to help cover problem areas, and it worked. Violent crimes reduced by 65% and murder rates went down by 70%.

My friend and NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik played a significant role in helping this change happen. We immediately took the shackles off our police officers. We gave them the freedom to do their jobs within the law and under the rules of the police department. We didn’t second guess them. We told them to go do good and work hard to protect the people in New York City.

This was no accident. We worked hard and implemented smart ideas that stemmed the tide of crime. People began to come back to our city as tourists and for business. We thrived. It was an amazing turnaround. I didn’t do this alone. I had people like Bernie Kerik and so many others helping me.

I’ve seen the political cesspool from New York City to Washington, D.C. I spent the last few years helping my good friend President Donald Trump navigate one of the worst efforts to take down our political system I have ever witnessed. My experiences and the situations I’ve witnessed in that effort and in elected office myself will help explain why we need to send people to Washington who love America, love the values of America.

Washington isn’t restraining themselves in any way these days. They are attacking our freedoms and liberties and reshaping our very lives without our consent. We need people like Scott Kaspar to be elected to Congress because he dedicated to stopping this illegitimate process which is putting our very lives at risk.

We have a chance to save America. The chance begins on the 28th of June. The choices you make then and the choices you make in November can allow us to halt the damage being done to our great country because of Biden administration policies. Right now we are on an express train towards communism, Marxism, socialism. Our economy is a socialist economy. More people don’t pay taxes than pay taxes. The tax system is being rigged no longer to support the government but to redistribute wealth in the country.

But we take our cues from proven principles of freedom that made this the most free and prosperous nation in the history of the earth. We take our cues from the Constitution of the United State of America where “We the People” are in charge. We the People decide what’s best. And We the People are the foundation that secures the liberty of all by upholding the principles, ideals, and written promises in that sacred document of liberty.

This is why I am urging you to stand with Scott on June 28th. I hope you and our fellow Republican primary voters will send this good man to Congress. As I said, we need many Scott Kaspars in Washington who believe in America: believe in the promise of freedom that is the American ideal.

Please take some time to contribute to Scott's campaign by going to his donation page.

I hope you’ll support Scott with as large a financial contribution as you can. But even if you cannot, please take some time to fill out this form to join his email list and let him know you want to help out.

I can promise you when Scott gets to Washington, he will stand for the Constitution. He will protect your liberty. And he will help restore our country to its promise of freedom and prosperity which we have enjoyed throughout our history.

Thank you,

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