Scott Kaspar on the Rudy Giuliani Radio show

May 31, 2022
2 minute read

Last week, America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani interviewed me live on his radio show. Rudy's daily talk show, "The Rudy Giuliani Show," airs daily at 2pm on New York City's WABC. Mayor Giuliani spoke with me about the threat posed by RINO Republicans (Republicans in Name Only) who claim to stand for you but in reality are working to undermine everything we care about.

Listen to the entire interview here.

Rudy and Scott Kaspar on 77WABC

I'm a constitutionalist who believes our Founding Documents--our Constitution and Bill of Rights--should be the measure by which our politicians are judged. These documents are the guarantors of our freedom if we will abide by them in law and policy. This is the foundation of the America First Agenda. And when I become your Congressman, I pledge to never stray from my commitment to them and the principles they communicate to us.

Rudy sees this commitment in me, and that's why he has endorsed me in this 6th Congressional District GOP primary. My opponents haven't shown the same resolve to finishing the work President Donald Trump began while he was in office. See where they stand on the America First Agenda in the chart below.

Scott Kaspar ranks well above his opponents as the trun American First candidate

2022 will be a big year for Republicans. We have a chance to get back on the right path and get out of massive inflation and the constant attacks upon our liberties if we just stay in the fight. I'm grateful to Mayor Giuliani for his support and willingness to let others know I'm the candidate willing to take the heat in Washington, DC.