Scott Kaspar is the true conservative in the 6th Congressional District

May 5, 2022
2 minute read

I attended a Candidate Forum hosted by the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry this week. It was a great event for voters to find out more about candidates for the 6th Congressional District. It become clear to me that I'm the only true conservative in this campaign. There were many important issues discussed in this format which didn't allow for debate but short answers to various questions.

Kaspar most conservative

At the end of the forum, the host asked us about budget and spending. I spoke out against the use of earmarks. And I stated my opposition to massive spending bills Democrats and Republicans continue to pass. They call them "omnibus" bills, and the name effectively communicates the overwhelming nature of their effect. We keep spending money we don't have. And we keep printing money that doesn't exist. This is the major reason inflation is out of control right now.

This event and others that I'm attending on the campaign trail make it clear to me we need to continue this important effort so we can have a real conservative representing us in the 6th Congressional District. On issues like abortion, taxes, government spending, and the scope and size of government, the differences between me and my opponents are clear. I have a graphic below you can review for yourself.

I've shared much of the video from the candidate forum on my Facebook page, check it out!