The Kaspar/Kerik Public Safety Task Force Announces Two New Members

April 19, 2022
2 minute read

We are excited to announce two members of the Kaspar/Kerik Public Safety Task Force.

Constantino Poulakis got his start with Orland Park Police as a CSO before joining Palos Park Police. In 2004, he received a Medal of Valor from the Cook County Sheriff for heroism and outstanding service. In 2006, Constantino joined the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, where he served on the Narcotics Task Force and seized over 10 tons of illegal drugs. Enforcing our borders and stopping the trafficking of deadly drugs like Fentanyl is essential to stemming the sources of crime in Chicagoland, and our Task Force is excited to have this homegrown expertise in Constantino.

Jim Stanula Jim Stanula grew up in Orland Park with a single mother who raised three children on a Chicago Public School Teacher salary. Jim practices as a criminal defense attorney in Cook, Will, and DuPage Counties and provides the Task Force with unique insight into the local criminal justice system.

Scott Kaspar said, ā€œIā€™m honored to welcome Constantino Poulakis and Jim Stanula to our Public Safety Task Force. Constantino Poulakis brings a depth of experinece to our task force having served as a public safety officer at the local and federal level. As a product of the suburbs, and now a defense attorney, Jim Stanula brings a unique perspective and understanding of the area. He has the personal and professional background needed to help us bring real solutions to crime in our area.ā€